Designed to offer high-school-aged gymnasts a way to focus on what they enjoy most & tailor their sessions around school & social schedules, these sessions encourage gymnasts to continue developing their sporting ability in their later teens and into adulthood.  

Price:  £30 per month for 1x per week

            £50 per month for 2x per week

            £60 per month for 3x per week


Mondays - Display

Working as a group to build performances together, Display is a great way to mix the fun of gymnastics with the social aspect of being in a team and training together.


Thursdays - 4-Piece / Floor & Vault

Offers the chance to enjoy learning skills and challenging your existing ability further using the full range of artistic equipment, while also maintaining competitive ability at 2-Piece level.


Saturdays - Tumble

Everyone loves to tumble, so we dedicate a whole session to it. Flipping & somersaulting are the central elements that we develop & expand on to give gymnasts as many different ways as possible to try out variations of these skills.

Senior Floor & Vault.jpg